Invest in Scotland

Investing in Scotland couldn’t be easier. In fact, there are organisations set up specifically to guide any potential investors through the process step-by-step -

Scottish Development International (SDI) is a Scottish Government organisation which helps overseas businesses tap into Scotland's key strengths in knowledge, high level skills, technology and innovation. SDI also works to help Scottish companies do more business overseas and to promote Scotland as a good place to live and work.

SDI has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad from where its team encourages Indian companies to invest in Scotland as well as taking care of existing Indian investors in Scotland. They help companies identify and access funding and grants and provide a comprehensive investor support programme, which includes advice on Scotland’s economy, locations, recruitment and sector specific information.

They can also help secure access to training and financial support that will help any company thrive. Find out more about the financial assistance available for investors in Scotland.

The comprehensive investor support programme also includes:

  • Business development support 
  • Marketing and market research assistance 
  • PR services
  • Investment advice
  • Specialised training

The Scottish Cities Alliance is a collaboration between Scotland's seven cities and the Scottish Government to deliver economic growth through investment in infrastructure. With a £10 billion investment prospectus promoting the great potential across the seven city regions, the Alliance aims to attract external investment, stimulate economic activity and create new jobs and business opportunities. You can find the Investment Prospectus here.

Business Investment Successes

Scotland has strong ties with India, and Scottish companies are very well-positioned to take advantage of this growing export and investment market. There are around 10 Indian companies making a total investment of £700 million in Scotland during the last five years, and employing close to 2,500 people.

Leading international companies to expand their operations in Scotland include Amazon, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Samsung, Barclays, GlaxoSmithKline, Aker Solutions, BNP Paribas, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Gamesa.

From educational excellence to pioneering innovation, there are a number of reasons these companies have been attracted to Scotland, including:

1. Educational excellence

Scotland’s education system is world-renowned with an impressive number of graduates. Scotland has more world-class universities per capita than anywhere else in the world, second only to Switzerland, and the highest concentration of universities in Europe.

2. Academic achievement

Scotland’s academics produce one percent of all research publications in the world – we’re ranked third in the world for the number of research publications published (according to International Comparative Performance of Scotland’s Research Base, November 2009).

3. Scientific success

The Universities of Dundee and St Andrews are rated in the top 10 best scientific institutions in the world for scientists to work in (according to The Scientist, 2011).

4. Pioneering innovators

Scotland has a strong tradition of creativity, ingenuity and invention. Scots pioneered MRI scanning, the ATM, golf, Dolly the Sheep, television and penicillin. By investing here your company will get the best of our innovative people.

5. High returns

Scotland is one of the most cost-effective regions in the UK, with competitive labour and highly efficient operating costs, ensuring value and enabling your company to achieve a high return on investment.
It can be 30 percent more cost-effective to set up and run a facility here than in other parts of the UK (according to Financial Times FDI Benchmarking, 2011).

6. Inward investment

Scotland is a lower-risk option for your business. We've played a pivotal role in attracting £600 million of planned inward investment for Scotland. Leading international companies, such as Amazon, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Barclays, Blackrock and Gamesa chose Scotland to expand their operations – testament to the international confidence in Scotland as the location of choice to invest.

7. Quality of life

Scotland’s economic potential for your company is matched by an excellent quality of life that ensure high levels of staff retention for investors.

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