Working in Scotland

There are many benefits to living and working abroad in Scotland. From the vibrant and cosmopolitan social life of the cities to the peace and quiet of some of the world’s most stunning scenery, Scotland offers a lifestyle to suit everyone.

The country has a strong economy and a reputation for allowing new industry sectors to emerge and thrive. As a result, job and career opportunities in Scotland are diverse.

Scotland is a centre of excellence for electronic technologies. It is the fourth largest financial services centre in Europe. It is home to one of Europe’s most vibrant energy industries, and there is a highly successful life sciences sector, with a wide range of expertise including drug discovery, bio-manufacturing and stem cell sciences. Read more about Scotland's leading industry sectors here.

In addition, Scotland continues to break new ground in areas such as computer gaming, literature, fashion, textiles, music and animation.

However, while many people come to work in Scotland because of the career opportunities, others are drawn by the appeal of enhancing their quality of life. House prices can be cheaper, good transport links make commuting relatively easy and the countryside offers a wide range of leisure activities from skiing and white-water rafting to mountain biking and hill walking.

Excellent employment opportunities and an enviable way of life make working in Scotland a unique experience.

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