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Food and drink is the lifeblood of Scotland, with a natural larder right on our doorstep. An important part of Scotland’s culture and economy, Scotland produces some of the world’s most famous and sought after food and drink. From our world-renowned seafood - Scottish salmon, oysters and langoustines, the finest Scotch lamb and beef, to our renowned malt whisky, Scottish food and drink has become synonymous with quality and has been served at dining tables around the globe. 


Our exceptional seafood is world-renowned with salmon, oysters and lobster all coming straight from Scottish waters onto plates at some of the most famous restaurants in the world - Scottish lobsters are on the menu in over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo alone. In fact, Scottish Salmon was the first foreign product to gain France’s prestigious ‘Label Rouge’ quality mark.  Visit one of our beautiful coastal towns, take in the landscape to see where our produce comes from, as you sample our traditional fish and chips - you won’t regret it!


Whilst the hills and glens of Scotland are beautiful, they are also the perfect location for producing some of the world’s best lamb. Scotch Lamb is grass fed and sustainably farmed and, more importantly, it takes its flavour from the land it grazes on. One of the most unique examples of this is the North Ronaldsay sheep from Orkney which feeds exclusively on seaweed which lends a delicate salty tang to the meat.


Undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most famous exports, whisky – also known as ‘uisge beatha’, meaning the water of life - is the world’s most popular spirit and is sold in around 200 markets worldwide. Our natural resources and diverse geology have allowed for a range of whiskies from 109 distilleries to be served and enjoyed all around the country. Forty bottles of Scotch whisky are shipped overseas every second (yes, second!). But don’t worry, we still have plenty here. Join us for a dram and experience the true taste of Scotland.

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Scotland's extraordinary food and drink offering

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