Emigration & Visa information

Scotland welcomes the world. And to help, there are a number of visas you can apply for – these are controlled by the UK government.

General Emigration

General entry into Scotland is controlled by a points-based scheme. There are five tiers which applicants can fall under:

Tier 1: High value migrants such as investors and entrepreneurs.
Tier 2: Skilled workers.
Tier 3: Low skilled worker (currently not available).
Tier 4: General and Child - applies to students and children.
Tier 5: Temporary workers.

To find out what type of visa you would need to emigrate to Scotland visit the UK Border Agency’s site.


To study in Scotland you will need to apply for a Student Visa. So, before the excitement of your trip can start there‘s some paperwork to do. The type of study you plan to take will also impact on the type of visa you need, as will your age and the length of the course.

You might find you want to visit Scotland and some of our universities before you start your course. To help you do this there is also a Prospective Student Visa. These are short-term but allow you to attend a university interview or finalise any arrangements before you begin your course.

More information about the different Student Visas can be found on the Study in Scotland website.

Which visa is right for you

All visas are managed by the UK Border Agency and their site has all the details to help you get what you need, fast. Visit the Check if you need a UK visa page.

Or, if you want to calculate how many points you have towards a visa, you can use this online visa point calculator.

For more on moving to Scotland visit TalentScotland