Scotland is extremely proud to be a multi-faith society – it’s part of what makes us such a vibrant, alive country. We welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds and religions. Scotland ensures people are free to follow their beliefs with respect.


Scotland is historically a Christian country and a majority of the population still consider themselves Christian. Christmas and Easter are celebrated widely and used as the basis for school holiday timings in winter and spring.


Islam is the second largest religion in Scotland after Christianity. There are mosques or Islamic Centres in all major cities and many large towns from Dumfries to Inverness. The largest of these is the Glasgow Central Mosque which opened in 1984.


There have been communities of Sikhs in Scotland for over a century with gurdwaras in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Irvine. Glasgow is home to the first purpose-built Sikh temple  in Scotland with a prayer room which holds up to 1000 people.


Scotland is home to the largest Buddhist temple in Western Europe and has over 7000 people following the religion. Even for the non-religious, Scotland’s Samyé Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre is a fascinating place with lush gardens filled with statues and spectacular stupas.


Hindus make up a small but colourful minority in Scotland of around 5600. Major temples include the Hindu Temple of Scotland in Glasgow and the Edinburgh Hindu Mandir & Cultural Centre, although there are smaller communities across the country.

Whatever your belief, join us as we share and enjoy each other’s religions with festivals and events throughout the year.

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