Acceptance and a friendly nation

Scottish people are famous across the world for their warmth and hospitality. So many people – either those thousands who come to live here permanently or the 2.5 million visitors who travel to Scotland every year – speak of the genuine friendliness of the Scottish people. Nearly three quarters of international visitors have said that one of their primary reasons for visiting Scotland is its people.

Scottish people have a strong national identity, but this doesn’t stop them from welcoming in new cultures and people. Historically, Scotland has a long tradition of embracing new cultures and traditions.

Modern Scotland is a rich and diverse country which sees many different cultures from across the world living in harmony together. Scottish people hold equality, tolerance and social justice in high esteem, and there’s really nothing more important to Scots than simply getting together and having a good time.

Scotland welcomes other nations with open arms. Read about the different religions celebrated in Scotland here.

Safety in Scotland

Scotland is a warm and safe place for you and your family to live or visit. Our dedicated police force work with communities to tackle crime and keep people safe.

Our government is committed to keeping Scotland safe. Crime reported to the police has fallen by over 20% since 2008 to their lowest levels in 39 years, and surveys have shown a consistent improvement in perceptions of police effectiveness.

Dial 999 from any phone anywhere in Scotland to get help in an emergency. This free service connects you to ambulances, fire and rescue, coastguard and the police.

To report a crime dial 101.

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